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    20 ways to boost your bank account

    Summer is already here, which means days full of shopping, eating and going on fun adventures. Unfortunately, a majority of these super fun activities cost money and leave your bank account looking rather small. You don’t want to miss out...

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    Nab an amazing internship--in high school!

    Think that an internship is only possible once you’re older? Not so fast, chica. A lot of companies will offer high school students the chance to intern in their offices, whether for an entire semester or just for a few...

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    15 spring odd jobs to get ya started

    Here’s the sitch: You’re ready to start padding that wallet, and you’ve finally got a few spare hours here and there, but, well, you and little kids just don’t get along. Pet sitting sounds great, but there aren’t enough dogs and cats in...

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    10 things not to say at your first job

    Ready to start rolling in the dough? Wait just a second. Before you march in, application in hand, for your first interview or get dressed for your first day as a working girl, here are 10 things that should never, ever come out...