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  • FITNESS: Wellness

    5 signs it's time to go to the doctor

    We know, we know: going to the doctor is pretty much the least amount of fun you can have, possibly third to the dentist and taking a state exam at school. But sometimes, you’ve gotta bite the bullet and make yourself an appointment...

  • FITNESS: Wellness

    Quit it! 5 things we wish doctors would stop doing

    It’s no secret that when given the choice between going to the doctor and staying home, chances are we’re gonna want to stay home. And while no one really enjoys sitting in a waiting room endlessly before hopping on a scale, answering a...

  • FITNESS: Your Bod

    Freaked about getting my braces off

    I'm getting my braces off this Thursday. I'm really scared. How can I calm down? Does it hurt to get them removed? Deep breaths, babe! Everything’s going to be just fine. Getting your braces removed is a li’l scary ‘cause it’s a...

  • FITNESS: Your Bod

    What's an endoscopy?

    I have been having major stomach problems lately, so my doctor recommended an endoscopy. I'm getting it done in two days and I'm really nervous! What should I expect? Oh, babe, I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling so bad lately! While the extra...

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