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  • FUN: Blush Much

    Lacy lunch date

    A few of my BFF's and I were playing truth or dare at lunch. My crush was standing only a couple feet away and I was staring at him. One of my friends noticed and decided to get my attention. She leaned...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Surf camp scandal

    I surf every Saturday at a camp. When I had finished surfing, and was at the showers rinsing off, I took off my sun shirt to show off my bikini body and impress my crush. When I turned around, my...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Padded predicament

    I was at school when I totally spotted my crush. I went over to talk to him and everything was going good until he started pointing and laughing. When I looked down I saw that one of my bra inserts had fallen...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Brother bra battle

    I had a huge crush on my brother’s friend. They’re both freshmen in high school and I’m a grade lower. They get home from school an hour earlier than me. On my walk home I decided I was going to tell my...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Fist bumpin' French fall

    One day I saw my BGF who is also my crush during lunch. I wasn't normally in that lunch so I decided to go talk to him. One of my other guy friends was sitting at the table and I...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Camera Phone Calamity

    I was at my friend's house for her birthday with several other friends. My friend had just gotten a new phone and decided to take a picture of all of us together. Right before she took it, someone pantsed me. My friend...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Home Movie Horror

    I had my first boyfriend over at my house and we were in the basement watching TV when my mom came down to bring us some snacks. She noticed what we were watching and ran back upstairs to bring us “something...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Band Bra Blues

    I am in the band and so is my crush. I play the trombone and he plays the tuba. My crush is really nice to me and always puts my trombone away for me. One day I was wearing this...