BFF blunders

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  • FUN: Blush Much

    Backside mix-up

    My friend and I always slap each other’s butts when we see each other. We were at the school dance when I thought that I saw my friend. I went up and slapped her butt, like always. When she turned around I...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Lip locked

    Last year, I got my braces the same month my boyfriend got them. One day after band practice, he kissed me and our braces got stuck! So we had to walk to the office, try to get some words out...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Lacy lunch date

    A few of my BFF's and I were playing truth or dare at lunch. My crush was standing only a couple feet away and I was staring at him. One of my friends noticed and decided to get my attention. She leaned...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Fist bumpin' French fall

    One day I saw my BGF who is also my crush during lunch. I wasn't normally in that lunch so I decided to go talk to him. One of my other guy friends was sitting at the table and I...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Camera Phone Calamity

    I was at my friend's house for her birthday with several other friends. My friend had just gotten a new phone and decided to take a picture of all of us together. Right before she took it, someone pantsed me. My friend...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Wedgie Woes

    One time I was at a sleepover with about 7 other girls and I had gotten a wedgie. Because they were all my best friends, plus the fact that they had just been seeing who could burp the loudest, I...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Showin' Some Love

    My BFF, Haley, went across the country for the entire month of July for a dance competition, without any of her friends or family. The day she came back my other bff and I went with Haley's family to the...

  • FUN: Blush Much

    Award Accident

    I was receiving an award during an assembly and as I was stepping offstage, my friend was coming up. We both went up for a high five, but because I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking, I tripped and my hand...