Make your ponytail seriously sparkle!

Here’s the solution to your boring daily pony: Make it sparkle! Spice up any ‘tail with these tips. We’ve got three ways to give your summer updo a little more dazzle.

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    Haute headbands

    Strike out in style with a sparkly topper for your ‘tail. Simply slip one on and hit the road—these pretties work with both high and low ponies.

    Gold Flower and Crystal Bando, $20,

    Beaded Elastic Headband, $5,

    Cara ‘Laced Up’ Bow Headband, $22,

    Chiffon Flower Headband, $7,

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    Cute clips

    Remember those bright bobbies you had as a kid? Channel that inner accessory lover and break out the bows, stars and pompoms. Just one of these sparklers above your pony or clipping back bangs will bring a major oomph.

    Berry Feather Hairclip, $16,

    New Pearl Bow Clip, $15,

    Crystal Hair Clips, $7,

    Sparkle Star Hair Slide, $13,

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    High-style hairties

    Each of these small elastics packs a major punch. Layer them up on your arm or put a couple around your pony to make a stylish statement.

    Berry ‘Hamsa’ Ponytail Holder, $7,

    Cara Jeweled Ponytail Holder, $14,

    Cara ‘Bejeweled’ Ponytail Holders, $15,

    Marc by Marc Jacobs Ponytail Holders, $22, 

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by Adee Jakob | 2/1/2016
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