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Check out GL's new issue, plus chat with Becky G, Before You Exit, R5 and more!

It's finally here—our April/May Music Issue featuring cover girl Becky G, plus 9 more names you'll wanna know: Rydel and Ellington of R5, the cuties of Before You Exit, Madison Beer, Jessica Sanchez, Elle Winter and Celeste Buckingham. All week long we amped up the excitement with show-the-love showdowns (check out the #GLfanfave details below), plus we've been sharing exclusive pics of Becky G (thanks for the love, #beasters!). 
And here's more exciting news: We're hosting live Facebook chats with all these amazing stars! Read on to check out the cover, plus find out how you can chat with your faves. 

[ CLICK HERE to peek inside the issue! ]

Chat with all your favorite stars!
Ever wish you could get a shoutout from Becky G, Madison Beer, BYE or R5? Now you can! 
How it works: Just log on to facebook.com/girlslife at 3pm PST/6pm EST, post your question in the chat thread and get live answers. Plus, you could win a signed issue just for joining the chat!  
Chat schedule:
Monday, March 10: Before You Exit
Wednesday, March 12: Elle Winter 
Thursday, March 13: Rydel and Ellington of R5
Friday, March 14: Madison Beer
Tuesday, March 18: Becky G
Unlock exclusive images of Becky G!
We've got three gorgeous images of April/May cover girl Becky G to share—and we'll unlock them as THIS PICTURE gets to 5k, 10k and 15k likes/shares/regrams.
How it works: On Instagram, like the picture and regram it with hashtag #GLbeckyg. On Facebook, just like or share the graphic on our page.

Vote for your #GLfanfave
Are you the #1 fan of our Radio Disney besties? We're having a fan-support showdown.
How it works: Show the love by commenting on our Instagram and Facebook images with the name of your fave. Don't have an account? Just vote here in the comments. Here's the schedule of releases…
Tuesday, 3/4: R5 and Before You Exit
Wednesday, 3/5: Jessica Sanchez and Madison Beer
Thursday, 3/6: Elle Winter and Celeste Buckingham

Want to know more? Read on!

When can I see the April/May cover with Becky G?
We reveal the cover this Friday, March 7. Look for the "In This Issue" post on Girlslife.com—plus we'll post it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Make sure to follow us now so you don't miss anything!

When does the April/May issue come out?
Grab it on newsstands March 17.

How can I win a copy signed by Becky G?
Stay tuned for more contest details!

BY GL ON 3/18/2014 12:00:00 AM

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