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Stand out at school: 5 ways to get noticed in the hallways

After so many school months pass by, it can be easy to unintentionally blend into the crowd. People might begin to use the same catch phrase, wear the same shoes or listen to the same type of music. If you feel like you’re beginning to fade away into the background, we’ve got stellar tips to ensure you’ll stand out in your school halls. The key? Swap out your everyday accessories and garments for something a li’l bolder and brighter. Check out our suggestions, below.



  • 1standout.jpg

    Stand out: Ditch the old backpack

    Still lugging around your old knapsack from five years ago? Replace it with something new and eye-catching. Going for a pop of color or a cool design is a way more interesting way to lug around those tomes.


    Jansport High Stakes Backpack, $40, urbanoutfitters.com

  • 2standout.jpg

    Stand out: Ditch the old backpack


    Neon Hot Pink Backpack, $30, victoriassecret.com

  • 3standout.jpg

    Stand out: Ditch the old backpack


    Floral Crochet Backpack, $30, aeropostale.com

  • 4standout.jpg

    Stand out: Replace neutrals with color

    It’s great to own a classic black leather jacket and that army green field jacket goes with everything, but why not try something super unique? Switch things up a little bit by choosing a colorful topper for your everyday look. Hello, new signature style!


    Coral Collarless Crop Blazer, $35, newlook.com

  • 5standout.jpg

    Stand out: Replace neutrals with color


    Collarless Quilted Jacket, $50, 2bstores.com

  • 6standout.jpg

    Stand out: Rock the statement necklace

    You may find yourself falling in love with that one specific necklace that you wear Every.Single.Day. It’s time to mix things up! Sub in a chunky statement necklace. It’s okay if you’re not into colorful necklaces—your jewels can still make a statement in black and gold.


    On The Edge Spiked Bib Necklace, $11, forever21.com

  • 7standout.jpg

    Stand out: Rock the statement necklace


    Floral Statement Necklace, $20, 2bstores.com

  • 8standout.jpg

    Stand out: Rock the statement necklace


    Statement Multi-Braided Choker, $7, forever21.com

  • 9standout.jpg

    Stand out: Keep your socks up high

    Knee-high and thigh high socks are fun to wear because they can catapult an outfit to the next level almost instantly. Wear them with booties and scrunch them down or stretch them high – whatever you feel! Perfect with a dress, high-waisted skirt or cute trouser shorts.


    Art School Thigh Highs, $13, nastygal.com

  • 10standout.jpg

    Stand out: Keep your socks up high


    Islet Thigh High Socks, $13, pinkice.com

  • 11standout.jpg

    Stand out: Keep your socks up high


    Beige Knee High Socks, $11, windsorstore.com

  • 12standout.jpg

    Stand out: Fancy your feet

    Most people are guilty of sporting the same shoes day after day because they fall into the comfy footwear rut. Don’t let this happen to you: Flats are always a good choice for staying comfy, but pick a pair that’s totally decked out and make ’em your new go-tos.


    Pointed Brushed Leopard Flat Shoes, $35, janenorman.com

  • 13standout.jpg

    Stand out: Fancy your feet


    Scintillating Steps Flat, $40, modcloth.com

  • 14standout.jpg

    Stand out: Fancy your feet


    Stroke of Genius Flat in White, $35, modcloth.com

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg






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BY KRISTA STUCCHIO ON 3/12/2014 4:00:00 PM

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