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We can't stop talking about Echosmith



Have you heard of Echosmith? We like to consider them the hidden gem of alternative pop who are about to make their mark on the music world Oct. 8 with their debut album Talking Dreams.

The young band from California, ages 14-20, is fresh off an awesome set performing on the Vans Warped Tour all summer, which means they’re more than ready to send out their first album. After years of performing covers and opening for various bands such as Owl City, the Sierota sibling quartet made up of Jamie (vocals/guitar), Sydney (vocals/keyboard), Noah (vocals/bass) and Graham (drums) have already made a name for themselves as a fun, young group with amazing indie tracks. Their cool, innovative sound channels their playful youthfulness, with lyrics that are engaging and relatable for their teenage to young adult demographic.

Talking Dreams has something to offer everyone: the hopeless romantic in "Tell Her Your Love Her," the fun lovers in "March Into The Sun" and even a slightly edgier kid with their track "Ran Off in the Night."  


Songs "Come Together" and title track "Talking Dreams" are sure to spike to fame soon as more and more people are discovering Echosmith and joining their rapidly growing fan base. But our personal fave off the 12-track album would have to be "Bright" as it charms with sweet guitar strums, steady drumbeats and pretty vocals all relating to love, happiness and dreams.


Check out their music video for “Talking Dreams” below…



Echosmith has a grip on exciting, entertaining new music we've been craving and as 2014 comes, we guarantee they’ll be a band to watch. If their debut is any indication, this is one new group you need to fall in love with—fast.


Be sure to check out Talking Dreams when it releases Oct. 8, then come back and share your thoughts.


Want more from Echosmith? We got lead singer Sydney, 16, to spill her biggest crush-related embarrassing moment. Be sure to check it out in GL’s October/November 2013 issue, on stands now!


Are you already a fan of Echosmith? Will you be checking out their debut album? Share in the comments below.



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BY ALYSON KATZ ON 10/5/2013 12:00:00 AM

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