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Pump up your playtime with our Wii workout picks

There are all kinds of Wii games out now that claim to give ya good exercise, but you’ve been a li’l suspicious. After all, how could a TV do anything but make you into a couch potato? Well, here are the deets on how gamers can get in a good workout while still doing what they love.



Rock out to your fave beat

Just Dance 3, the newest in a long line of dancing games, is not only super fun, but it’s also a fab workout. There’s a “Just Sweat” mode where you can pick either the quick and easy “Free Session” to bust some serious calories with your girlies, or you can go for the “7-Day Challenge,” which gives you a full week of fitness. The best part is that by doing these workouts, you still get to unlock stuff and enjoy the fun songs and choreography that comes with the normal dance mode. Feels like a game, but it drops those calories like you won’t believe!

Tip: Focus on filling up your “Mojo Meter” to unlock cool stuff – it’ll keep ya goin’ when you’re runnin’ low on motivation.


For sporty sistahs

For exercise junkies, EA Sports Active 2 offers just plain working out. No question if these moves are legit – there are over 70 activities that range from just running in place to skateboarding courses where you jump over obstacles. Although this game needs lots of different components to work, it’s totally worth it. You can use things like the heart rate monitor to track the deets from your workouts and even share them online.

Tip: Be sure to put in all your personal info, like height and weight, so that your fitness readings are as accurate as possible.


Be a big-time winner

If you’re serious about slimming down, so is The Biggest Loser Challenge. It’ll keep track of your goals for you as the weeks progress, and there are tons of different workouts to keep ya focused. If you like watchin’ the show, this game will make you feel like a part of it with activities that mirror the ones on TV.

Tip: For an extra health boost, you can check out recipes and advice for fitness from the pros under the “Health and Lifestyle” category.


Lights, camera, adventure

For gals who like a li’l adventure, Active Life Explorer will take ya right outta your living room and into an epic Indiana Jones-style treasure hunt. You do have to buy a special mat for it, but this game it totally worth it. There are 24 different activities that’ll keep ya coming back for more exercise every day. And if ya get to the end of the storyline, there are “treasure trials” that’ll let you unlock new excitement so that your workout never gets old.

Tip: It’s super fun to compete with your bestie by splitting the mat and seeing who can get the most treasure.


What are your fave workout videogames?

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BY CARRIE RUPPERT ON 6/24/2012 12:00:00 AM


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