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6 semi-formal fouls to steer clear of

The spring fling is a night to remember, so don’t waste it by hanging with the wrong crowd. Avoid the drama and focus on having fun. We have 6 tips to keep you dancing and out of trouble from dawn 'til dusk.

Stay away from the sketch

Hang with the people you know. Spring flings are for bonding with your girls or clicking with your crush. It’s okay to meet new people, but make sure you do it with your friends. Going off alone with some rando is not a fun way to spend the night. Stay safe by asking your BFF something like, “Hey, those girls look nice. Want to go talk to them?” She’ll be thrilled to meet new people and you won’t have to worry about getting into a dangerous situation.

Don’t drink the punch

The spring fling will be the time of your life, so make sure you remember it! Drinking at a dance is NOT cool. Alcohol makes people sick and dizzy-- you don’t want to be the bummer that everyone has to take care of. Stay away from the people who are drinking-- they will probably get caught by a chaperone and sent home early. Steer clear of the trouble and away from the risky drinks.

Stop the smoking

Stepping outside to get some fresh air is fine, but do your lungs a favor and stay away from the smokers. If you see a person smoking cigarettes or something else, walk away. Second-hand smoke can be just as dangerous as the real thing. We know you didn’t go to the formal to get sick. Plus, hanging out near the cigarettes will make you smell like smoke too. YUCK! We don’t want that smell overpowering the perfume your crush hearts so much!

Back away from the PG-13 dancing

Don’t let boys pressure you into dirty dancing. Flirty moves with your crush can turn into inappropriate dancing that you don’t want to do…and it can get ya in trouble with school officials. Stay in your comfort zone, even if it means sticking with your BGFs or your gal pals.  

Catch a ride with a safe driver

Before you leave for the party, make sure you have a designated driver to take you home. Whether it’s your mom or your BFF’s older sister, it has to be someone you trust. Hitching a ride with a senior you just met is a major oh-no.

Host your own after party

Attending an after party at another person’s house is a risky move if you don’t know them well, or don’t know who else is invited. Aside from your gal pals’ houses, steer clear of heading to anyone else’s pad after a big dance. After parties are often filled with illegal activity such as drinking and smoking. Who wants to be around that? Instead, have your own little bash with your BFF. Bake tasty treats, dance on your bed and play Guitar Hero until the sun comes up. You’ll be glad you spent the fun night with your besties instead of with the sketchies.


by Yael Frischling | 2/1/2016
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