4 Netflix shows to binge watch with your BFFs before school starts

There is nothing like curling up with best friends after a day of fun in the sun to watch an episode (or, uh, a season) of your fave show on Netflix. If you're looking for something new to fall in love with, take a look at these suggestions you and your girls are sure to enjoy. 

If you and your besties are looking for an amazingly mysterious, sci-fi series... 
You'll love Stranger Things. This Netflix original captures the crazy mysteries behind missing kids and supernatural forces in an Indiana town. Catch up now before season 2 comes out! 

If you and your friends love a good high school drama...
You’ll fall for the characters of Degrassi: Next Class. Follow these teens as they navigate some of the struggles of well…being a teenager. Relationships, tears and jealousy all fill the halls of Degrassi, a high school in Canada. With a newly added 4th season, you and your best friends will have plenty to binge-watch this month. 

If you're in for a romance... 
Follow young Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland as she navigates her eventual marriage to Prince Francis of France for the sake of an alliance between the two countries. Because she is still young, it's quite an adventure. Four seasons of this show on Netflix will leave you begging for more. 

If you and your friends want to wind down to a girl power, coming-of-age classic... 
Turn on Gilmore Girls! Especially now that the show has been revamped with Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. You can start with that or go back to the beginning with seasons 1-7 and watch Rory navigate school, friends, romance and her incredible relationship with her energetic single mother Lorelai.

Let us know what you're watching this summer in the comments below!

by Sydney Haywood | 8/8/2017
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