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#AskAwsten: "My friend and I have been fighting a lot lately..."

You asked...
"My friend and I are really good friends (practically BFFs), but lately we have been fighting a LOT. I'm scared that this will ruin our friendship. Is there anything I should do?"

Awsten answered..
"Yeah, of course there is. First, I recommend space. Sometimes when I’m stuck with Otto on tour for months at a time in a vehicle I can go a little crazy, but then when we get off tour and are home for a week (aka, once we've had some space) I’m ready to eat popsicles and hug again. If the space doesn’t work and make you miss each other, I’d just remind you that sometimes people grow apart and that’s OK because you’re just making room for new friends you don’t know about yet."

Awsten Knight is the frontman of pop-punk band Waterparks whose debut full length, Double Dare, was released last fall. You can catch the band opening up for All Time Low all summer long on the Last Young Renegade Tour. Grab your tickets here!


by Awsten Knight | 7/25/2017
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