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#AskAwsten: "What do you do when your mom doesn't believe in your dream?"

You asked...
"Ever since I was born, I have felt different from my family. My little sister shares a lot of my mom's traits, like helpfulness and being practical, but I just don't. I love watching old actresses in movies, acting and writing. My mother wants me to be something "typical" when I grow up, not an actress like I want. She wishes I would stop day dreaming of movies. Should I be practical or stay true?"

Awsten answered..
"You should do you forever with no apologies. But life is all about balance so you gotta be smart. As far as your situation goes, you can be practical and stay true. Here's what I did: I went to college until I felt like it was imperative that I drop out to focus on the band. Luckily, we got signed and found management shortly after. Maybe something similar will happen to you. Acting is tough to get into, but good luck!"

Awsten Knight is the frontman of pop-punk band Waterparks whose debut full length, Double Dare, was released last fall. You can catch the band opening up for All Time Low all summer long on the Last Young Renegade Tour. Grab your tickets here!

by Awsten Knight | 7/18/2017
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