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10 things that are better than having a valentine


With all of the hub-bub surrounding Valentine's Day, you might be feeling a bit lonely if you don't have a valentine yourself. But believe us when we say there are *definitely* things out there better than having a valentine— here are just 10 of them...

1. Binge-watching your favorite television show to your heart's desire.

2. Treating yo'self to whatever you want.

3. A delicious, personalized, homemade meal. (Be your *own* Salt Bae, babe.)

4. Two simple word: COMFY CLOTHES. Three more words: ALL. THE. TIME.

5. Pizza. Pizza is love. Pizza is life.

6. Sleeping in.

7. And once you wake up from sleeping in? A one-lady dance party.

8. Ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies. ::Drools::

9. A good book—whether it's old or new.

10. Spending the day with your best friend.

What else do you think is great about not having a valentine? Sound off below!

Photo credit: Living the College Life, GIPHY

by Kaila Lindsey | 2/11/2017
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