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What holiday would you create?

We all love Halloween and New Year’s, and yeah, we’re pretty sweet on V-Day, too. But if you could make your very own holiday? What would it be? We put our fab interns to the test and boy, did they go wild! Check out their picks below, then share your own in the comments.

Melt My Heart Monday

Chose a day to show everyone you love just how much you mean to them! Make cards, cookies and playlists special for them. We promise, you will simply “melt their hearts.”


Never Been Kissed-Mas

So what if you’ve never had a B.F? We GL girlies don’t need boys to complete us!  Take this day to celebrate you and your best gals.


Trade Cupcakes Tuesday

Have all your pals come to school this day with a batch of cupcakes. Trade ‘em up and go home with a yummy assortment of different tasty treats.


Bring it On-Ukkah

If you’ve never seen Bring It On, ya gotta watch it, pronto! All about girl power and friendship, this flick is easily on our top 10 list.


Wear it First Wednesday

Don’t waste that new sundress on a regular old day. Save it for somethin’ special.


“Hey” Day

View this day as a challenge to say, “Hey” to as many new people as possible. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even make a few new friends.

Leave Celebs Alone Day

We’re giving the paparazzi—and our fave celebs—a day off. Put down the cameras, folks!


Throwback Thursday

Get nostalgic with this holiday to look back on the past!. Whether ya decide to go full-out ‘20s style or watch a home video from your baby years, you’ll def be celebrating history.



Take this day as an excuse to get some extra “zzz”s. We just know the beauty sleep will pay off.


Frosting Friday

Who doesn’t love frosting? Eat it up this day...minus the cake!



Throw an all out feast with your gals! Mmmm!


Shopping Spree Saturday

Treat yourself to a shopping spree. Who says ya can’t get yourself a present or two?



Play follow-the-leader with your ‘rents. Have them take ya to their fave spot in town for a super spesh meal.

National Comfy Clothes Day

Tired of struttin’ your stuff 24/7? Take this day to pull on your comfiest sweats-and-a-tee combo and live the cozy life.


Sing-a-Long Sunday

Turn your day into a musical! No ones allowed to talk on this day. They have to sing. La la LOVE it!


Wacky Week

Theme each day of this week something wacky! Twinning Tuesday? Yes, please! Fried Friday? Sign us up!


Dancin’ Day

Dance through life on this super fun day! Don’t walk, SASHAY!


by Erin Miller | 2/1/2016
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