Get outside! 15 mini workouts to try this afternoon

A few weeks of April showers have washed out most of the pollen in our neck of the woods, and you know what that means: Allergies are finally conquerable and it’s time to hit up Mother Nature! We’re spending as much time outside as possible. And while we’ll admit to do our fair share of reading in the grass and climbing trees, we’re also taking our sweat seshes al fresco. Here are 15 workout ideas—and how many calories they burn, just in case you were wondering.

Jumping rope in your driveway - 30 minutes burns 262 calories

Skipping around your neighborhood – just 10 minutes at a moderate pace burns 70 calories

Biking to pick up take-out food – a 30-minute round-trip takes care of 228 calories

Running up the steps of your school’s stadium (bleachers work too, just be careful) – 15 minutes kills 138 calories

Hiking on a nature trail – a two-hour hike burns 621 calories

Pulling weeds in the backyard – an hour in the dirt burns 283 calories

Playing pick-up basketball – a half-hour playing half-court kills 214 calories

Rollerblading with your buds – 45 minutes of moderate skating burns 197 calories

Walking to the local coffee shop – 30 minutes of slow walking kills 72 calories

Learning how to skateboard – one hour of boarding knocks off 262 calories

Hitting the batting cages – 30 minutes of swinging burns about 87 calories

Kayaking in a nearby creek – a one-hour trip burns 262 calories

Flying a kite – 30 minutes of fun in the sun kills about 100 calories

Rock climbing at a nearby park – just 30 minutes on the wall burns 286 calories

Kicking butt at dodgeball – a 30-minute game kills 276 calories

What’s your favorite outdoor activity? Tell us in the comments!


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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016
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