Why coloring is becoming super cool again


We all know that coloring books have become the new, trendy self care practice for people of all ages. But why? Does coloring really do much for you mentally? The answer is yes; and here’s why.

We generally associate coloring books with little kids, when in reality, coloring is beneficial for people of all ages and walks of life. The main reasons why? It’s good for the body and the brain! Not only is it therapeutic, but it also activates both parts of the cerebral hemisphere. Confused? That’s just a scientific way of saying that coloring allows people to utilize both logic *and* creativity.

Coloring *definitely* helps with building creativity, too. It gives people artistic tools that can ultimately be used in other areas of life as well. For instance, work, play, analytical skills and even fashion sense becomes more keen as a result of coloring.

Another positive? It also encourages the exact same benefits which meditation ingrains in the brain. Like meditation, it enhances a conscious quietness and mindfulness. Coloring really just adds on the artistic twist. It reduces anxiety, while also promoting the sort of “do-nothing” or “bare minimum” mentality that other, less creative forms of relaxation are used to communicate. Reduced anxiety, plus pretty pictures? That’s the ultimate win!

Here are three cute, themed coloring books to try:

1. Creative Haven’s Seascapes coloring book


2. Johanna Basford’s Magical Jungle: An Inky Expedition & Coloring Book


3. Lulu Mayo’s A Million Cats: Fabulous Felines to Color


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by Maggie Medoff | 7/28/2017
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