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Hey busy babes! Here's how to stay healthy on the go


Trying to be healthy when your squad wants to eat out literally all of the time can be a struggle. We get it, we love grabbing food on the go, too—especially when life gets busy. But eating out doesn't mean you have to sacrifice nutrition (or taste), just follow our tips below.

If you're picking up some takeout...
Even though we're sure that your local Chinese takeout joint is to die for, we have to break the bad news that it probably isn't the healthiest. But, you can totally change that. Ask for steamed rice instead of fried and ask for skinless meat. Tonight's feast just got a whole lot healthier.

The toughest question: Burrito or bowl?
Whether you're #TeamChipotle or #TeamQdoba, figuring out how to be healthy when you and bae are grabbing some Mexican cuisine is a toughie. Definitely go for the bowl, or at least whole wheat tortillas. Add in some veggies with the rest of your mix and skip the sour cream. Don't be afraid of the guac, though—those fats are good for you. 

When you're faced with a toppings bar...
We *cannot* imagine a world without fro-yo. Even though you should def treat yourself, it's important to not go too too crazy. Try getting a sugar free yogurt flavor, then add in half of the chocolate and top it all off with some fresh fruit. Delicious!  

When you're at Panera...
Panera is *so* good and while there are totally healthy options, it's almost impossible to consider them when you know that mac 'n cheese is on the menu. Go for a "You Pick Two" and get half of your regular favorite, and half of a salad. It's the best of both worlds. Pro tip: You can do this at other restaurants by asking for a half portion and adding a side salad.  

To survive the drive-through...
The drive-through brings a whole new meaning to the word "pressure." You've got 10 seconds to order so we hope you have the menu memorized. But if you don't, take another look. Did you notice the grilled chicken option? How about the sugar free lemonades? Places like Chick-fil-a let you swap out your fries for fruit and Wendy's is notorious for their salds. Shake it up and try something new.

What's the best way to stay healthy when eating out? Sound off in the comments below!

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by Aly Prouty | 7/21/2017
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