How to turn any afternoon into a party

Not every shindig ya throw has to be the party of the season. With a few tricks up your sleeve, you can turn any ordinary afternoon (a.m. or evening) into an affair to remember. Here’s how to rock it out, anytime.

Be responsible

Sure, you can toss ideas around with your buds. But always get your parents’ OK before you start callin’ your crew. Be smart about the day you pick. If Mom and Dad are having company over or you just got back from vacation, it might be too much to pile a mini-party on top of the crazy.


Stock a party kit

Grab a sturdy shopping bag or an empty plastic container and start collecting odds and ends that could be used for decorating your party space. Cardboard for signs, crayons and craft supplies, streamers, balloons—throw ‘em in and take a look when it’s time to deck the halls.


Pick a theme

It’s super easy to get your gals excited about anything that has a theme. ABC Family is showing Harry Potter movies again? Wizarding World of HP marathon! Pirate Day? Grab an eye patch and come on over!


Get movin’

Love your buds though they do, M&D might not be cool with ya having them over 24/7. Instead of getting angry, get inventive. Take your crew to a local park for a field day, another chica’s backyard for a dance party, a clearing in the woods for a picnic, a nearby ice cream parlor—anything goes.


Dig deep

If you’re the only one hosting, your insta-parties might put the crunch on your piggy banks. Pad it by asking each chica to donate a dollar or two to your party fund, with the expectation that that’s where your pizza pie or sodas are comin’ from. Don’t forget to say thanks!


Punch up your playlists

The experts agree: Music is the make-it-or-break-it party element. If you’ve got a library full of tunes but no groove-worthy playlists, spend an afternoon categorizing your catchies songs. You’ll want one you can dance to, one that’s themed for BTS and Halloween, maybe one that’s loaded with awesome Brit bands or girl-power tunes.


Be all-inclusive

Just because it’s last minute doesn’t mean you’ve got an excuse to leave anyone out. You might not be besties with the benchwarmer on your soccer team, but we’re thinking she’d be hurt if she heard about your soiree when she didn’t receive an invite. Even if you know they can’t attend (or probably won’t), invite ‘em anyway. The more the merrier!

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016
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