Things on-screen couples do that you should never do IRL

Whether or not we want to believe it, unhealthy and toxic relationships are everywhere.

We would like to think we know what these relationships looks like, however, many textbook examples pass right us in our favorite rom coms and sitcoms. Like, have you ever thought about whether your favorite on-screen couple’s relationship would be healthy if it was IRL? While some relationship characteristics make for quality entertainment and not all on-screen loves are bad, how do we make sure that when it comes to *real* life, we steer clear of these relationships ourselves? Well, by no longer romanticizing toxic relationships such as these...

The possessive significant other

Popular shows and movies have often equated extreme jealousy as a romantic behavior or sign of caring. We glorify fictional characters like Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl and Edward Cullen from Twilight, who constantly attempt to control and micromanage thier significant others. Although many fans may argue that Edward is only trying to protect Bella, if he truly respected her, he would provide Bella with all the necessary information and allow her to make the right decision on her own.

Stalker behavior

Another trend we see over and over again is the romanticization of stalking in the name of love. Although this is very prevalent in Hollywood today, it is not a new phenomenon. A classic example of this would be Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby. Jay devotes his life to becoming a man “worthy” of Daisy’s affection. In order to do this, he moves across a lake from her and spends hours on his deck watching her house. In Twilight, Edward is watching Bella constantly and even breaks into Bella’s room at night to watch her sleep.

The physical transformation and sudden realization

Hollywood loves nothing more than the Cinderella plotline. Your average quirky girl’s life gets turned upside down when she discovers the magical powers of contacts and a flat iron. (Have no idea what I’m talking about? Watch Grease, She's All That, Cinderella Story, Another Cinderella Story, etc.). In all of these movies, she's at first invisible to the class heartthrob and is only deemed valuable after a dramatic physical transformation. News flash: Any guy who needs a dramatic makeover to notice you is not worth your time! Still a sucker for the Cinderella plotline? Watch The Princess Diaries or Clueless for a healthier alternative.

Have you seen these relationships in your own Netflix queue? Leave a comment below! 

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by Clarissa Latman | 5/9/2017
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