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I so want that phone!!!!!!!!!!!

by luvin1D on 9/26/2012 9:49:32 PM


mod mod mod
just got back from the ortho...and im staying home cuz the pain is soooooooo terrible Frown !!!!! any ideas of how i could not die of bordem?!?!? please help xoxox Smile


Hey girly, I just posted tons of ideas on your other question. Hope you have a fun day!

Lauren I.

by carebear27 on 9/24/2012 12:39:15 PM


i got work done on my braces and im in ALOT of pain and im staying home from school, and i just got home, so what can i do to keep me from dying of boredom? xoxox


Hey girly, there are tons of ways to enjoy your day off. You could pop in your fave movie, play a videogame, go threw your clothes to find new outfits, go for a walk, brows GL =), read a book, have a photoshoot, try a new recipe, do an art project or craft- we still need submissions for our Spindler contest:


Lauren I.

by carebear27 on 9/24/2012 12:30:27 PM


i hope i win jeans

by kelseyiscool on 9/23/2012 7:55:24 PM


mod mod mod
i get these wierd dots almost like pimples on my legs and i know that its not pimples by the look of them but its not razor burn either sooooo....HELP MEEEEEE im really confused!!!!! xoxoxox


Mhmm. Take notice and see if they begin irritating you. Look out for any burning, redness, swelling or itching. If you do notice some it may be good to contact your doctor. Hope you feel better! Xoxo 

Lynae P.

by carebear27 on 9/23/2012 12:11:01 PM


mod mod mod!!!!
i looove one direction and i cant pick a fave member!!! gahhhhhhh whos ur fave?!?!?!?! i neeed ur help!!! Smile

Hey carebear27, I don't really listen to One Direction, but I do like Niall. What do you like about each member? Xoxo 


Lynae P.

by carebear27 on 9/23/2012 12:07:05 PM


how do i know if i won a DAILY GIVEAWAY cuz its not on the winners list!!!! gaaaaah im soooo confused!!!!! and i looove one direction <3


Hey carebear27, you will receive an email letting you know you won. Xoxo 

Lynae P.

by carebear27 on 9/23/2012 12:05:36 PM


how can i know if i won a daily giveaway? xoxo


Hey carebear27, you will receive an email and your name will appear beneath the winners list. Good luck! Xoxo 

Lynae P.

by carebear27 on 9/23/2012 12:00:25 PM


when we enter and if you were to win and you havent officially entered ur adress to the site does it give you a notice and then asks you for ur adress?
and if we were to put our adress on u wont start sending us magazines and charging us right?

by jackiex443 on 9/22/2012 2:44:59 PM


im sooooooo stressed about my cousin! she is almost in her third trimester and needs foot surgury. Im scared that she'll go into labor during surgury. And her husband cant be there cuz he's on the USS Enterprise off the coast of Iran. What can i do to not be so stressed?



Hey girl, it's great that you care so much about your cousin, but freaking out won't help her at all. All you can do is wish her well and be there for her if she needs you. Don't think about the worst things that could happen. Just take a deep breath and relax, you being calm will be good for both of you.

Lauren I.

by YayaYuiki on 9/14/2012 8:43:56 AM

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