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3 ways to not be embarrassed about buying tampons

Tell me if this sounds familiar: That time of the month is comin’ up fast, you check your tampon stash and—ugh!—your sis left the box...
65 Comments | Add Yours

Hey guys check out my advice queen page i have alot of experience i also have a club called qoutes where we just post qoutes and it is just so fun please check it out

by jadarocks2401 on 1/6/2013 12:55:03 PM



Hey, I dance too, and I know you can't really wear a pad in your tights. Luckily, when it does first come, it'll be barely a trickle, so you should have enough time to get home before the blood will be really bad. If you feel a lot of cramps in your side like all day then in a couple days you'll prob get your period, though not everyone cramps. Tampons are tricky, but if your really nervous, practice putting them in and stash one in your bag. It took me 12 hours and 3 tampons to get it right, and at first it's hard to get the right angle, but once you figure it out it's super easy. Hope this helps you be prepared. And a good thing at dance, most of the people are girls, so they'll understand.

by dragonsrox1000 on 1/6/2013 2:01:14 AM


I sometimes use strategy #1 when I have to. Strategy #2 sounds neat but I usually have to use #3.

I was buying tampons and my neighbor walked right down the aisle with is son and I had a box of tampons in my hand, what made it even worse was all the condoms and lubricants and "other stuff" they sell were right next to where we were talking. It was horrible and it felt like it would never end. I am not saying guys shouldnt be allowed down those aisles, but why did it have to happen to me.

by fashionqn on 1/5/2013 10:46:36 PM


My dad reccently married another woman. (Cuz my mom died when I was 4) and I'm not that close to her yet. But there is a big problem! I ran out of pads and my dad isn't home and won't be till tomorrow. But I need them like now! I'm using the last one right now! What should I tell her?

Hey girl,

I would just tell her the truth and ask her to take you to the store. I'm sure she would be happy to and would love to spend some time with you. If you're not that close to her, maybe suggest the two of you go out to lunch or spend a day shopping together. If your dad loves her, there must be some awesome things about her!

Meghan D.

by Kat_13 on 1/5/2013 10:12:04 PM


My embarrassing tampon story is that when I was at the grocery store at about 5 in the morning (I had gotten my period overnight and it was the only thing open, and I had to walk because my mom was still asleep), and I ran into a guy from school. I attempted to duck into a nearby aisle, but tripped over absolutely nothing.

by lol1029 on 1/5/2013 9:15:34 PM


HELPPPP! So, I'm 15, had my period for 4 years, never been on a pill or had sex. So last month I got my period on the 15th(normal day). It was also very light and short. A week and a half later it came back! It was light and lasted a day. Here we are today, and it's back again! It seems to be a normal flow. I don't want to tell my mom, though. What could be wrong? Also, I'm having BAD cramps and am emotional on this one, whereas that didn't happen with the others.)

Hey girl,

Some irregularity can be normal, and having worse cramps and emotions at some periods is normal too. It might seem awkward to talk to your mom, but she's been there and knows all about periods and can answer your questions better than I can since she knows you, so I would try talking to her about it when the rest of your family isn't around. She will understand!

Meghan D.

by EgirlH.97 on 1/5/2013 8:47:18 PM


I haven't had my period yet... *sigh* My Nana and Mom got theirs when they were 13 in the summer though so I should be getting it in a few months.

by YouCanCallMeCat on 1/5/2013 8:17:01 PM


I use strategy #1

by BabyDahl13 on 1/5/2013 7:53:35 PM


Self check out?

by Butterflygirl14 on 1/5/2013 7:05:32 PM


I never really understood why girls are so embarassed about their periods. its a natural part of lilfe, nothing to be ashamed of

by tswiftluver13 on 1/5/2013 5:13:51 PM

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