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3 ways to not be embarrassed about buying tampons

Tell me if this sounds familiar: That time of the month is comin’ up fast, you check your tampon stash and—ugh!—your sis left the box...
65 Comments | Add Yours

one day at school, we had a sub, and he was sitting in a chair right in front of me. i had my pads in a pocket in my binder behind a bunch of papers then because i had no pockets and i didn't carry a purse either. well, we had to get somithing out of our binders so i grabbed my binder that was standing next to my chair, but i didn't realize it was upside down and all my papers amd pads fell out. noone but the sub and my friend saw thankfully, but the sub was just like, "that must be embarrasing, huh?". my face went red.

by Natalie B. on 1/12/2013 3:07:22 PM


My most embarrassing story is this: I go to boarding school outside of the US. I had to buy 'them' and I had to buy them in front of my friends. I then went to the cashier and he was like 19! That was awkward...

by Cocoa Loco! on 1/12/2013 11:05:40 AM


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I've tried to use tampons numerous times, but I can never get them in right...I can't get the applicator in. It'll go in about half way, and then it'll start hurting if I try to put it in anymore. And then, when I try to put the actually tampon in, it's painful. Is something wrong? Is there anything I'm DOING wrong? Help, please!


Hey girl,

Try inserting the tampon at more of an angle- the boxes usually come with instructions to help ya out. If it still hurts; don't force it! Sometimes it takes awhile to figure it out. 

Alexis G.

by Graciegang on 1/10/2013 11:34:22 AM


I sooo wanna check out that site! I only get cramps the first day (excrusiating) and then they're gone

by myfatsquirrel on 1/9/2013 10:55:17 AM


Im the only girl in the house (dont have a mom, i just live with my dad) and my periods starting, and i have no pads or anything, and no one to talk to, and i am FREAKING OUT! If i still lived in america, then id know where to go get some, but i moved to another country, and now i have no idea what to do!!! HELP!


hey girl! okay, as uncomfortable as it is, you NEED to tell your dad. it's a part of human nature for girls to get their period. trust us, it's not that weird, your dad knows what periods are. good luck!


Katie L.

by Asena K. on 1/9/2013 9:59:05 AM


I've been having cramps headaches and the discharge thing in my underwear and i don't know ho wto talk to my mom about it. I know she's my mom and all but I don"t know how to bring up the topic without it getting awkward. Please help

by monkeylover24 on 1/8/2013 5:49:37 PM


Omg I'm scared to get my period I've never started yet and I've been having bad cramps and I'm scared....!!! What do I do???...???

Hey girl,

It's normal to be nervous about your period, especially if you've never had one before! If you're having cramps, it might be a sign your period is coming but could also just be because of something you ate. Keep a pad in your backpack or locker in case it comes when you are at school, and don't worry until then Smile Your period will come when your body is ready!

Meghan D.

by cmuhlert12 on 1/7/2013 7:25:53 PM


okay, so one day, i had to teach my friend how to put in a tampon cause her period was really heavy and she didn't know how, and she put it in and said "why does it hurt?" through the stall door, i asked her if she'd put it in like the diagram that i had found for her said to and she said no. but then the bell rang signaling the end of lunch and we rushed out of the bathroom. The next day in health class, we were just talking when my crush at the time came over and started going through her bag, he grinned as he pulled out the hard plastic tampon casing thing. I just stared at my friend and we both blushed, thankfully, he didn't notice. but it gets worse. HE STARTED PLAYING WITH THE USED TAMPON INSERTER THING!!! my friend didn't realize she had forgotten to throw it away! Looking back though i am thankful for that tampon thing, with out it i would never have realized how perverted that guy was (there were also a lot of other things that had to do with that, but thats another story.)

by leyleywazhere829 on 1/6/2013 11:28:55 PM


When I was @ school, I ran out of pads, so I asked to borrow one from a close friend. She let me have it, said it was no big deal. Her boyfriend came up and said "What'cha talking about?", and my friend responded, "Nothing just giving S______ a pad cause she ran out." I thought I was going to die!

by hidi75 on 1/6/2013 10:34:42 PM


That Le Parcel site is GENIUS!

by purplerainn on 1/6/2013 9:58:03 PM

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