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37 Comments | Add Yours

Okay, my crush,I think only sees me as a friend. I catch him staring at me, and all of that, and I go a littl crazy around him but I've got that under control so we're pretty much friends. How can I push it further? We aren't close but I want to be. How do I do this?

Hey girlie,

If you are friends now maybe you can get closer to him as friends and then go from there. You could ask him to hang out in a group with your friends, or set up a study date with him to go over schoolwork. Or you could just talk to him at lunch and after school! Once you are close friends you could start dropping hints that you like him Smile Good luck chica!

Meghan D.

by PeculiarGurl on 2/23/2013 9:21:47 PM


MODMODMOD-There is a cutie guy i like. he is allways stairing at me. He may or may not have a girlfriend. a few month ago i asked him out and he said no. Now he kinda flirts with me....what do i do??

Hey girlie,

If you're not sure if he has a girlfriend, maybe you could keep getting to know him as friends and see if he mentions anything. Try talking to him at lunch and after school about classes and ask what he likes to do after school and on weekends. If he has a girlfriend, he will probably mention it!

Meghan D.

by pieplover7 on 2/18/2013 8:34:19 PM


1. Okay so my friend has liked this guy for a really long time. He now has a girlfriend. My friend is really sad and I feel bad for her but now all she talks about is him. It is getting really annoying.
2. On thursday, we are having a valentines dance. I am wearing a strapless red flowy dress with tights and black combat boots. How should I do my hair and makeup? My hair is brown, wavy and shoulder length. My eyes are green and I have paleish skin and full lips.


Hey girlie, 1. try pointing out a new cute boy that she might like. Helping her find a new crush will help her get over the old one. 2. wear you makeup naturally. You don't want to overdo it so keep it simple with some eye makeup and lipstick. Pull your hair back into a pretty updo or curl it. 

Lauren T.

by riadaisy on 2/10/2013 7:05:45 PM


mod mod mod
the guy i like is really nice and makes everyone laugh. one of my friends said he has made some bad desicions though. i am one of those people who say the past is the past and it should stay there. is there a way i can go out with him without my friends thinking poorly about it? he always makes eye contact and he is always trying to make me laugh. i sometimes notice him watching me if im having a bad day as well. is he even interested in the first place? or is he just being friendly? if he is interested, should i ask him out or wait? any advice on what i should do from here would be greatly appreciated!!!!


Hey girlie, it's too early to tell if he's interested. Spend more time with him and do some flirting to see how he responds. As long as you're sure that he's changed, you'll be able to convince your friend that he's a good guy for you. 

Lauren T.

by lili-ana on 2/3/2013 7:22:32 PM


i kinda like this guy i see him twice a week for abut an hour.we do not go to the same school.he is very am i.he always sits far away from me.but he always look do i tell if he likes me????i have never talked to him do i break the ice???

Try talking to him first! Maybe you guys can compare your schools or talk about friends or family. Start with the small talk, which will lead to longer and better conversations. You won't be able to tell if he likes you until you talk to him first!

mailyse f.

by olivia19 on 1/25/2013 9:56:07 AM


Basically, a few months ago I met this boy that I've come to like quite a bit. However, we've never met face to face. I met him online through a chat website. He lives in England and I live in the US. I'm always careful about talking to people on the internet and making sure I don't give out any serious personal info. Just to make sure he was who he said he was, I had him go on camera so I could see ;P and yes, he is the 16 year old boy he says he is. I'm 15, by the way. Anyway, I haven't told my parents about him yet, but I plan to. Of course, I have to if I ever want to meet him in person. We've been talking about meeting for sometime now. The thing is, my parents always worry about me talking to people on the internet, and I'm just not sure how they'll take it or if they'll let me meet him. I guess I was just wondering if you had any ideas on how and when to tell them? Thank you so much! <3


Hey girlie, the best way to tell them is just do it. Wait for a lull in conversation and bring it up with them to see how they feel about it. Tell them that you've been very careful and assure them that you're being safe online. 

Lauren T.

by barenziah97 on 1/13/2013 6:07:31 PM


Thx for this article!i can't wait 2 try these cool subtle flirting hints u guus r boss!

by pinterest on 1/7/2013 8:46:08 PM


So i like but I' I'm 12 and he's 1 I do like t but I hardly see hi but I hardly see him ever I see he's really cute an he's really cute and funny please help m what should Ido what should I do or say

Hey girl,

If you don't see him much, try getting to know him as friends so that you'll have an excuse to talk to him more often. Try talking to him at lunch or after school and start a casual conversation about school or extracurriculars, and then let the conversation flow naturally into other topics. Once you get to know each other, you can hang out outside of school too!

Meghan D.

by pinterest on 1/7/2013 8:37:27 PM


i've had a huge crush on a certain boy for over a year now. last year, we had classes together and we would always talk. this year we haven't talked at all. we only have pe together, but he's always surrounded by his friends which makes it impossible to talk to him. my best friend told me he told her that he liked an asian girl that was only in his pe class, with dark hair and hazel eyes, which could only be me. i really want him to know that i like him back, but i have no idea how to do it! im not athletic, so i cant impress him by running the fastest mile or anything. i really want to get his number. what should i do? please help! thank you soooo much!!! Smile


Hey girlie, watch for him to be away from his friends and approach him. Just say hi and see where it takes you. You could also get a couple of friends to go with you to talk to him and his friends. 

Lauren T.

by iloveigloos on 1/6/2013 8:36:33 PM


I really really like this guy that I was friends with. Ok no problem so far, but he knows that I like him and never talks to me anymore. He has a major crush on this one girl, but she doesn't like him at all. I'm afraid he hates me, and he only ever talks to me/notices me when it is absolutely nessecary. Help please!!!!!


hey girl! sadly, not everyone ya meet is gonna crush on you. it stinks, I know, but you deserve someone who realizes just how awesome you are. there are plenty of amazing guys out there, just keep an eye out for them! I think ya might wanna try and move on from this guy. remember, you want someone who appreciates you for who you are!


Katie L.

by nerd_girl_lotr on 1/2/2013 1:19:24 PM

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