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This just in: Your school year is about to get longer

So you’re thrilled to pieces when the final bell rings at 3 p.m., right? Well, don’t through your papers in the air and starting shouting...
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Good thing I don't live there. this confuzzles me because people are always saying "get some extra currics on your plate because it'll look good on your college application!" and you think "yeah, i will". so you take up a sport and another (example- yearbook committee). then they add more hours? and stress "8-9 hours of sleep per night!" well guess what? there is not enough time for all that. these people need to make up their minds of what they want us to focus on most! grades? school? athleticism? extra curriculars? more sleep? i'm not sure anymore!

by alindgren on 12/4/2012 8:32:59 PM


so glad i don't live there.

by sarabieber1799 on 12/4/2012 8:25:54 PM


I love this idea personally, because longer school years will only help us learn things and be smarter and releive stress on teachers. And for everyone who's gonna say bad things about this post, I did this topic for this huge test speech we had to do as an eighth grader and was pro, and I was asked to present it to state legislature. So I know what I'm talking about when I say in the long run, it benefits a lot, and will help us compete with other countries when it comes to education rankings.

by cheerfulcheer on 12/4/2012 7:54:37 PM


THIS IS TOTALLY FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girls dont get all worked up about it. My principal said this was no way true and that you should not believe everything you read!!!!!!!!

by eclipsechick12 on 12/4/2012 7:53:23 PM


My school in Texas ends at 4:00pm Frown but it starts at 8:45 Smile but still, I hate how i barely have any time for fun, or homework. I get home at like 4:25 cause I ride the bus, if Texas joins in (which I doubt they will since their education system is horrible in my opinion) I'll literally get home when its dark outside! This is a horrible idea. And my school, a middle school, has 30 minute lunches and no recess or break and no courtyard or 'commons' so we literally get no fun or break at all and if I was at school any longer I'd have NO LIFE at all, become depressed, and go insane.

by emroxlol on 12/4/2012 7:51:28 PM


I live in one of those states and my school day doesn't end till 4 pm!!!!!!

This is a horrible idea! This might not happen to my school because it gets out late enough though.

by fieldhockey001 on 12/4/2012 7:07:51 PM


Frown I live in Massachusetts, and my time in school already got longer hours. Frown

by gin15 on 12/4/2012 6:34:50 PM


I live in Alabama and at my school (which is a private school) starts at 7:40 AM and ends at 3:30 PM. We have lunch at 11:00 AM, and we aren't allowed to eat between classes, so we all get really hungry. People around our area find this extreme, because public schools start at 8:05 and end at 2:30. Hopefully, our school days will decrease, people have actually passed out because of hunger and over exhaustion. We also (not to brag) are learning what would be considered advanced as our standard level, and college level as advanced, so we also have at least 3 hours home work. Our school is really hard, and we also have a long school year, so I don't find this as extreme as it could be.

by hidi75 on 12/4/2012 6:27:24 PM


If you did the math, assuming you went to school 180 days per year, you are actually going to be in school 1.66 minutes extra each day. 1 minute! That's not so bad girlies Smile

by SuNsHiNe...the.great.escape on 12/4/2012 6:24:03 PM


This is horrible!! My school is one of the main ones considered!! We already have four two-hour classes. Has anyone noticed that its mainly states that opposed Obama??

by Bookworm16 on 12/4/2012 6:20:18 PM

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