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Easy DIY workout gear

Resident Crafter Girl Marly of has a cute and cheap way to ramp up your workout wardrobe! Put an old t-shirt to good use--and make an...
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Its the first week of school and the weather is HOT but it's FREEZING inside the school because they blast the AC. What are some casual, comfy, cute outfit ideas for this? Thanks!

Hannah H.

by Ivorykey96 on 9/4/2012 1:35:18 PM


My first day of school is a couple days away every one knows me as a loon can you please give some tips on how to change my personality

Hey Girl! You don't have to change your personality, being silly is just who you are



Hannah H.

by OneDirection1843 on 9/4/2012 12:59:14 PM


THanks so much! Smile GL rocks!

Hey girl, always a pleasure! Keep rocking yourself! xoxo 
Alyssa B.

by teampeetapercy on 9/3/2012 7:20:17 PM


HOw can I approach my cute crush, who is two years older, and talk without looking weird and awkward? Also, should I tell my BFF that I like him? She might tease me, but she'd probably help me talk to him and stuff. Also, how can I make new friends at school? We start wednesday. How can I be friends with guys? I'm no good at that but i want guy friends! Also, hw do I follow GL on Pinterest? thanks MOD! Please answer all these and please hel[p me! THanks so much if you help! Smile

Hey girl, 1) Just be you when you talk to him. Find something to compliment him on and launch a convo from there. There's no better way to start a friendship (and maybe more eventually) than with something sweet. If you don't act like it's awkward, it won't be awkward, trust me. Confidence is key. 2)  It's up to you. If she'll blab to him, think it over. But if she won't, it's probably not a bad idea at all. Your friend can help you strategize how to get to know him better! 3) You can make new friends by introducing yourself, joining clubs or activities, and just generally being more attentive to those around you. Quiet girl sitting alone at lunch? Say hello and ask her to join your table. Little moves like that lead to big friendships. 4) If you have a Pinterest account, go to our Pinterest page ( and hit Follow All. Best of luck, girl! xoxo
Alyssa B.

by teampeetapercy on 9/3/2012 6:22:23 PM



by j4zm09 on 9/2/2012 11:26:25 PM


Really AWESOME and creaive idea! What a way to reuse! I'm gonna try it sometime soon! Really cool!

by avrabob on 9/2/2012 9:42:05 PM


How do I follow Girl's Life on Pinterest? THanks MOD! Smile

by teampeetapercy on 9/2/2012 7:19:37 PM


Weird crush prob... I'm a freshman in high school we start WEdnesday but marching band has been going on for a month now. I might like our cute junior drum major. Whta should I do, he's two years older? No one at my school know s I like him. My cousin said just talk to him and stuff and my friend at another school said to just stay away. But he seems really nice and my type, but I don't think I'd ever have a chance with an upperclassmen. Whta should I do? Please help! THanks MOD!!


Hey teemapeetapercy, I think you should try talking to him. You guys are only two years apart. You'll never know what a person is like until you talk to them. You two have band in common so use that as a convo starter. Hope this helps! Xoxo 

Lynae P.

by teampeetapercy on 9/2/2012 7:18:56 PM


Im a plain jane so I wanted to change my hairstyle this year. I have long brown hair, no bangs, thick hair, and an oval shaped face? I want to keep my hair long. Which would be better for me: long layers or angles? Also, is it hard to braid your hair with layers? Thank you!


Hey selenahayley, a bang would look really cute on you. You could also get layers cut in, which would even add to your bang. And yup you can definitely braid with layers. Hope this helps! Xoxo 

Lynae P.

by selenahayley on 9/2/2012 5:43:42 PM


¡Atención! ¡Atención! ¡Atención!
My good friend Lisseniere created a club WHERE WE CAN CHAT AND TALK TO EACH OTHER! IT'S VERY FUN AND AWESOME AND IT SURE DESERVES MORE PEOPLE! I DON'T THINK ANYBODY HAS EVER CREATED THIS CLUB BUT YOU GOTTA TRY AND SEE! IT'S A CHANCE WORTH TAKING FOR! We write in foreign languages, talk about anything! There's only 4 people in the vclub, but it really deserves more people!
Please Please Please JOIN the
BLAH BLAH BLAH club! Laughing!
Thanks for reading and you won't be disappointed! Laughing

by Susmita24 on 9/2/2012 5:04:11 PM



Are you a fan of the hit teen drama series Hollywood Heights? Then join my Hollywood Heights Fan Club! We'll talk about all of the episodes, give our opinions and tell what you think might happen. There are also positions open. Join now! Laughing

by Princess Keziyah on 9/2/2012 12:47:31 PM


I just get a black yoga pants, a aeropostale shirt hoodie and my hair up in a bun with many clips! Laughing
My bangs are all the way to my chin, I have a layer cut hairstyle from april or march? idk..How do you make your hair grow faster so my bangs can ger longer!? MY hair grows slowly so yeah..before it was thin, now it's half thin and a little bit thick..but still lightweight thin. My bangs are always no matter what straight! My hair is wavy, I thought it was curly, but I looked up google images and saw if I had curly hair, I wouldn't even know how to control it! So it's wavy/straight. My friend's bangs grows super fast in 1 month! Mine is slow, but everybody has differ hair, I just feel like my hair grows the slowest of all.. Frown

by Susmita24 on 9/2/2012 12:39:30 PM

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