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I stuffed my bra and people found out!

Before school each day, I would put just a little bit more tissue in my bra. When it looked like I was truly developed, some...
53 Comments | Add Yours

its okay everyone has flaws you just have to learn how to live with them so you can overcome themSmile))

by liv2laf on 5/28/2012 5:28:30 PM


Okay so guy and he added me on facebook a while ago . He goes to a different school and we started texting . I know he knows tons of people that go to my school, and he seems like a pretty nice guy . He wants me to hang out with him tomorrow at the park (just us) and I'm scared because we've never met yet . Should I go or is it too risky ? Plase respond asap !! Thankyou <3

Hey girl!

This is a tricky situation. Yeah, he might know lots of people at your school, and your intuitions are telling you he's a nice guy. But it seems risky to go meet him alone. Next time you are hanging out with a group of friends, invite him to join. Or invite him over to your house while your parents are home so you won't be alone. Since your relationship began online, it's hard to know what exactly is true about this guy. Meeting him in a place with other people you know around will make you more comfortable as you get to know him.
Rachael A.

by cancerthecrab on 5/28/2012 2:12:22 AM


One of my really close friends breath smells mostnof the time. I try being nice when I have a mint or gum offering it to her but she always says no I am good. And also I notice a lot that her hair is really greasy and because of that she is starting to get Lots of achney . A lot of other girls gossip about her and how she has bad higeens . But I do not what to hurt her fealli gs any addvice

by Danceismylife123 on 5/26/2012 10:10:53 PM


I am13 and me and most of the girls in my grade are starting to change .( puberty) there is this one girl in my gym class that dose not wear a bra . When we are changing it is so weird because she is FULLY developed and instead ofnchangingn quickly she talks to every one well she has no shirt on . It is so gross

by Danceismylife123 on 5/26/2012 10:06:14 PM


Here's my advice: next time someone jokes about this and says something along the lines of "Can I have a tissue?" pull a whole box (literally, a cardboard tissue box) and say "I always carry some with me". If you play along, the teasing will stop. Trust me, I learned this the hard way (no, I didn't stuff my bra, but I have gotten teased before. Then again, who hasn't?)

by livan on 5/23/2012 8:08:54 AM


this teacher i dont like is picking on me! though im 18 she yells at me for example today i was working and i thought she was talking to me but she was talking to my friend beside me and she said to me/my bff and said get up and i was confesude and i said what do you mean? and she was "I WASNT TALKING TO YOU MY GOD" then i told my teacher (my real teacher who is the best) and she said she will talk to her she did then i told my mom and she talked to her also. Now she is being more mean. now im moving with my parents and other family to missippi beacue of her and my mom is getting a job offer so what do i do to tell my friends

Hey babe,

Just tell your friends how it really is, that your mom got a job offer.
Jordan S.

by mlshay on 5/21/2012 5:11:27 PM


Okay, so me and my sister have to share a room, and every night my sister takes the remote and turns off the TV. Sometime I ask her if I could use the remote, but she will just lay twords the wall and go to sleep with the remote in her hands(totally ignoring me!). Well, then I would try and turn the TV on by pressing the button on it. Then my sister would just turn it right back off.. it's not like I'm scared of the dark, I just like listening to the TV while I go to sleep. I tried to compromise with her, I told her that I could turn the TV on and turn it down low.. But she wouldn't listen.. What should I do? Can you please help me? If so, Thanks so much!

Hey Girl!

I feel ya- I used to share a room with my sister and we fought A LOT. It's great that you're open to compromise. Now you just have to work on making your sis open to it, too. Try telling her why you want to sleep with the TV on. Say "It helps me sleep better and I would really appreciate it if you let me have it on for a bit". Ask her why she objects to the idea. Maybe it gives her a headache or prevents her from falling asleep. If so, you could go to bed a little earlier. You'll be asleep by the time she gets in bed and she can turn the TV off herself.

Marisa D.

by SingingInHarmony on 5/18/2012 2:57:54 AM


don't worry about wat other ppl have to say about you it only matters wat you think of urself and i hope that these people find how rude they were to make fun of you about something that you cant change about yourself in the first place and maybe someday that guy will feel bad about what he said to you.

by that girl on 5/17/2012 9:12:30 PM


if he ever says something like that again just say"why were you looking there"it always works
and if it doesnt then i dont know what to tell you and dont worry it will wear off

by kaykay212 on 5/17/2012 5:08:14 PM


Ok im 18 and my boobs r small 36A and i cant stand having small boobs it feals like i have big ones but im gonna get used to it. But dont stuff ur bra it dosnt work dont do it i did and that was bad i hope i help Smile

by mlshay on 5/14/2012 4:40:42 PM

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