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Fire's CrownBY shadowhunter16 | PUBLISHED 9/28/2013 | UPDATED 9/28/2013 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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This sci fi & fantasy story is kinda like... City of Bones and Percy Jackson mashed up...

Morgan's lived her whole life on the streets of New York City, where she was found and raised by a thief who taught her everything she knew. But when strange figures that no one else can see try to capture her, she finds out who she really is. ~ Sol is second in line for the throne of Fata Urbem in the Fae dimension... Her older brother, Flam, disappeared 16 years ago, right before she was born. He's been marked as dead, but no one knows what happened to him... Until now. And her sister is cooking up a scheme to take over the dimension, to let spirits roam free over the land and kill--and she has the means to do it. ~ Umbra knows a deadly secret--one she can use to her advantage. She was her older brother's confidant before he ran away, and she has knowledge of someone who can help her take over the dimension, if not both. She's always been jealous of the attention her sister got, and now she's going to get her revenge. ~ Destiny awaits.

2245 words2 chapters

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