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GluttonBY Susmita24 | PUBLISHED 5/7/2014 | UPDATED 5/7/2014 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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This adventure story is kinda like... A humorous teen realistic fiction with coming of an age type of thing dealing with the environment.

glut·ton ˈglətn/ noun noun: glutton; plural noun: gluttons 1. an excessively greedy eater. synonyms: gourmand, overeater, big eater, gorger, gobbler; a person who is excessively fond of or always eager for something. "a glutton for adventure" 2. another term for wolverine, esp. the European species. So according to the web engine that goes by the name 'Google', the word glutton either means a food craving menace or probably just another name for a carnivorous mammal with a shaggy dark coat and a bushy tail. That is for you the readers to read about and Sidra Meer to find out in the tundra and forests of arctic and subarctic regions, otherwise found in the inhabitants of Michigan. Copyright © 2014

18665 words3 chapters

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