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We adore this pillow almost as much as we heart Hazel and Gus

Can you believe there are still two months remaining until The Fault in Our Stars hits the big screen? Yeah, neither can we—cue the countdown! When we’re looking for all the feels, John Green’s tearjerking “sick lit” book is our go-to, so much so that our copies are dog-eared and lookin’ a wee bit downtrodden these days. (DIY book cover, you say? Maybe next week, loves!)


So. As we celebrate the dramedy to end all dramedies—that’s a comedy + a drama—we’re totally cuddling up to this cute Society6 poplin pillow. It comes in a couple different sizes as both a simple cover and a cover with pillow insert, depending on what works best for your current throw pillow selection. It’s loaded with all sorts of Fault in Our Stars goodness, from quotes like “I lit up like a Christmas tree, Hazel Grace,” to the smoking metaphor and tons of doodles.


And because Society6 is so awesome, you can get this awesome print as, well, an art print, or an iPhone case, laptop skin, tee, tote bag and more. One question: Who’s got a birthday coming up?

published April 07, 2014
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