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Amazing mustachioed men = awesome character inspo

When professional photographer Greg Anderson heard about the National Beard and Mustache Championships, he was bummed--he'd missed a fabulous photo opportunity by just a day in 2012.


This year, however, he made sure it was highlighted on his calendar. He hightailed it down to the New Orleans event, and his amazing photographs of these amazing mustachioed and bearded men are taking the Internet by storm. 


And we think they would make for some ridiculously wonderful character inspiration. A used car salesman, maybe, or a circus purveyor. A nextdoor neighbor who's just a little quirky or a teacher who has a zany weekend hobby.


Click here to take a look at the entire series of photographs. 


Let your imaginations run wild! What kind of character do you see the guy pictured at the left being? 

published September 23, 2013
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