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Goodbye, Wicked Witch. Hello, demon Dorothy. New series alert!

Word on the street today is that HarperCollins has added a new series by Danielle Paige to its spring 2014 lineup, which will start with a novel titled Dorothy Must Die. Much like Gregory Maguire’s Wicked, it transforms the familiar world of The Wizard of Oz. Instead of focusing on the Witch of the West, however, this series turns Dorothy into the villainess and creates the modern character Amy Gumm to take her out.


Per Entertainment Weekly, Amy will have to do a reverse sort of Wizard quest. She must steal the Scarecrow’s brain, the Tinman’s heart and the Cowardly Lion’s courage, all before slaying (we assume) Dorothy herself…and perhaps taking a ruby slipper trophy.


Interestingly enough, the series includes three books and three e-novellas, the first of which releases this November and sets up the reign of terror, and The CW already has another series—for TV, this time—in the works.


What's your favorite twist on an old classic? Share 'em in the comments! 

published September 25, 2013
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