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writers you love - author q&a

Go inside the Tiger's Curse series with Colleen Houck

Thought the Tiger’s Curse series was done? Not so fast! A few weeks ago, Colleen announced that she’ll be releasing a novella in the Tiger’s Curse world on June 1, 2014. Why? Because she couldn’t bear to leave you, her fabulous fans, without something to devour ‘til 2015, when her new Egyptian-themed series will debut. Yep, we’re celebrating—starting now, with this Facebook Q&A in which Colleen answered all of your incredible questions. Take a peek…


What does it feel like now that the series is complete?

It's hard to get to the end of the tunnel. It's very fulfilling and it's also very sad.


Reader Q from Caroline B.: Which moments (action, romaaaaaance, mystery) is your favorite to write so far?

My favorite moment was when Ren visits Oregon. I loved writing an ancient prince meets the modern world and I think that's the most romantic part of the series


Reader Q from Alyssa V.: How do you handle writer’s block?

I don't really get writer's block, I just get bouts of laziness.


Reader Q from Niki I.: Why did you pick Indian mythology to write about?

I actually ended up in India because of the tiger. I chose a white tiger first and then research led me to India.


Reader Q from Caroline B.: On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard is editing for you?

Edits are very hard, like an 11. It's not the grammar that's hard for me. I don't much care about the commas and hyphens. The hard part is cutting out chunks of the book. I always hate to lose material.


Reader Q from Diane K.: How did you find more story to write about in the next three books? I mean, a lot went on in the first book so I thought it must have been hard to keep going and add more drama in the rest of the series.

There is a main story I work on through the books and that's the story of Durga but each book also has its own mini adventure so while I work to bring the big overarching story to life, I also distract you with the other pieces along the way.


Reader Q from Alyssa V.: If you could be one of the characters in the Tiger's Curse series, who would you be?

Kelsey of course. Not only are we the most alike but she gets to kiss both Ren and Kishan.


Reader Q from Caroline B.: In Kelsey's shoes, would you have gone to India and stayed to do the Quests?

I don't think I would have gone. I am not as brave. But look at what I would have missed!

published April 07, 2014
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